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Why Choose Vinyl Wholesale Bags ?

Choosing vinyl wholesale bags for your retail business or promotional product is an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

“Vinyl helps in the preservation of environmental resources as 57% of vinyl is made from common salt, which is a renewable natural substance. Non-replenish able resources such as crude oil only account for 43% of vinyl resin, thus making it nature friendly. In comparison to various other materials used by the packing industry, vinyl requires lesser amounts of natural resources to make, utilizes much lesser energy for manufacture, and also releases lower emissions into the environment.” (source:

  • Added Post Purchase Value: Consumers often remove purchased products from the vinyl packaging only to reuse them as travel bags, storage bags and carry-alls.
  • Vinyl is Recyclable: Paper boxes are disposable which is not sustainable. Many paper boxes end up in landfills instead of at recycling centers.
  • Non-Toxic Films: Safe films have become the industry standard eliminating any toxins.
  • TSA & Stadium Approved: Easily and quickly travel through high security points with clear vinyl bags.

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Why Choose Vinyl Wholesale Bags