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You won’t want to miss our Vinyl Slider Grip Bag Sale!

The vinyl slider grip bags from ABV Packaging are made from Super Clear EN71 ASTM certified or Phthalate free, coupled with a deluxe slider for durability. When you choose ABV Packaging you are getting a top quality product which surpasses the competition. This vinyl is superior in quality and passes the standards for the European Toy Industry. Most companies charge extra and only make it on request. This is an ABV Packaging standard that we are happy to provide to our customers!

Three of our vinyl slider grip bag sizes are on special and this is a hot deal! For a limited time, we are offering the following bags at a low, discounted price. To view more about each bag, just click on the bag ID:

SG2 – $ .25
SG3 – $ .30
SG4 – $ .45

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