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Understanding Value Added Clear Vinyl Packaging

Carry All Clear Vinyl Bag with Zipper ClosureABV Packaging the leader when it comes to sustainable, Re-usable and Value added Clear Vinyl Packaging knows just how important it is when choosing the right package for your products. Five years ago when people would hear Vinyl, alarms would go off about the safety & integrity of the material. The truth of the matter is over the last few years Vinyl or Poly Vinyl Chloride aka PVC has come quite a way in both safety, Fabrication, Sustainability and afterlife. Vinyl packaging is now considered to be the premier value added packaging vehicle not only manufacturers are turning to again but what the end consumer prefers. ABV Packaging has always specialized in all types of clear vinyl packaging and now that the phthalates or heavy metals have been eliminated from the production of the vinyl films, ABV is experiencing enormous growth within a multibillion dollar industry.

Our belief is and always has been that if you offer the end consumer added value it will help take the edge off any indecision at the point of purchase (POP). For the manufacturer, It helps not only move product faster but also gives the manufacturer a vehicle to move more product through grouping vs. stand-alone single items. Manufacturers want to move more while consumers want to get more…It’s a winning strategy ABV believes will continue well into the future.

ABV Packaging offers the best range of what we call RTD (Ready to deliver) Clear Vinyl Packaging & Bags. Whether your kicking off a promotion next week or next year chances are ABV will be able to fill all your requirements from start to finish. Another area ABV Packaging prides itself on is being able to work closely with our clients & their own designs. Our range of custom fabrication coupled with being able to source almost any material is another key element of clear vinyl packaging that ABV offers.