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TPU vs PVC Vinyl Bags – When deciding on the right packaging for any product, you have a few different vinyl packaging features to consider.

Vinyl bags are available in both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Each one of these materials comes with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. To find out which option is right for you, carefully consider these factors.


Both options for vinyl bags are sturdy, but TPU tends to be stronger than PVC. Polyvinyl typically has a lower shear strength. Polyurethane is also sturdier because it has a high abrasion resistance that will resist scuffing and scratching.

Environmentally Friendly

In many ways, polyurethane is the more environmentally friendly choice. It does not need to be replaced as often as polyvinyl, and when it does break down, it does not release harmful materials. Producing it tends to result in less environmental waste. Thermoplastic polyurethane can be recycled more easily than polyvinyl chloride.


If cost is a concern, it may be beneficial to consider polyvinyl because this product is far more budget friendly. In general, polyurethane is one third more expensive than polyvinyl.


For high end products, customers tend to care about how the product smells. Polyurethane is completely odorless, so it lets people experience the genuine smell of the product while PVC can sometimes have a “plastic” smell.


Polyurethane tends to have a slightly stretchy and elastic feel. Even in low temperatures, polyurethane will remain elastic instead of becoming brittle. This elasticity can be helpful in certain situations, but if you need a stiffer material with little stretchiness, polyvinyl may be right for you.


The weight of a product greatly matters to customers. While a lighter weight makes shipping costs easier, customers often feel like a heavier product feels more high quality. Polyvinyl will weigh more than the same amount of polyurethane.

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