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Curious to know which are our top 5 selling vinyl bags?

Choosing the best bag for your products can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, ABV Packaging customers have taken out some of the guess work. In choosing our top quality vinyl bags, our shoppers have paved the way for you to know which bags are the best for your products. Here’s a look at our top 5 selling vinyl bags.

Vinyl Drawstring Bag

Our clear vinyl drawstring bag, one of our most popular items, comes in four different sizes to fit products of varying measurements. Offering easy top loading, these bags can be filled quickly and pulled shut with your choice of black or white drawstrings. Made from the highest quality materials, you’ll be amazed by the versatility and durability of this product.

Clear Vinyl Rope Handle Bag

If you’re looking for a bag with a more durable drawstring, our popular clear vinyl rope handle bag should do the trick. This product is offered in five different sizes and can be top loaded with whatever items you decide to fill it with. Durable and see-through, this bag can accompany you to high security events like concerts or sporting competitions with ease. Choose from black or white drawstrings and trim.

Vinyl Slider Grip Bag

When you need to showcase products in groupings, your best bet is our vinyl slider grip bag. Built from sturdy vinyl, these bags offer a durable slider and are great for retail use. Our slider grip bags come in three convenient sizes, each meant to hold multiple products. You’ll love this product if your business requires up-selling or you frequently run promotional offers that feature multiple items.

Vinyl Top Loading Zipper Bag

Gift sets continue to enjoy a high level of popularity, but they often have unique packaging requirements. If you offer gift sets or other bundled product purchases, the vinyl top loading zipper bag may work best for you. This product features durable zippers made in-house, and is offered in six varying sizes.

Zip Closure Clear Vinyl Bag with Handle

If you’re looking for a more stylish zipper-based bag with plenty of room, our popular zip closure clear vinyl bag with handle may be what you’re looking for. Although we only offer this product in one convenient size, this bag is capable of holding large and small items alike. An attached handle makes for easy carrying. As with most other ABV Packaging offerings, this bag is available with either black or white zippers and trim.

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Choosing the right packaging for your product is easy with ABV Packaging. To order any of these top selling bags, or to inquire about some of our other offerings or specials, please contact us today for customized assistance.