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ABV Packaging is your resource for vinyl bags.

Did you know we carry up to 50 different styles and colors? If we don’t have the packaging you’re looking for, we also offer custom packaging tailored to your exact needs.

Due to our specialization as a resource for vinyl bags only, we can focus on offering the highest quality product at the most competitive prices. We’ve never looked at our products as just vinyl bags. We view them as a value added solution to help you promote your business.

Quality Materials

We are proud to provide vinyl that is EN71, ASTM prop certified or Phthalate Free as our packaging standard. This vinyl is superior quality and passes the standards for the European Toy Industry. Most companies charge extra and only make it on request. 

In addition, we never uses PVC trim like most other companies do.  All our trim is either Nylon, Polyester or Non Woven, which is another reason our bags not only stand out, but outlast most other vinyl bags on the market.

Product Delivery

All of our bags are triple packed, which means they won’t arrive wrinkled and will stay clean through the packaging process. Our competitors typically bulk pack their bags and rope them together in plastic. We poly bag between 10-25 bags, then place them in an inner box, which is than placed in the master carton.

Help the Environment – Reuse!

When vinyl bags are used instead of a less durable material, customers have the opportunity to find new uses for them. Clear vinyl totes and pouches can be used as a purse for a high-security event, such as a concert or sporting event. The tote type bags can also come in handy as reusable grocery bags. Reusability keeps packaging out of landfills, which is extremely beneficial for the environment.

We use nylon or polyester trim, in-house zippers and compliant materials and also follow stringent ASTM and EN71 guidelines ensures safe films are used on the bags. This increases the likelihood that our packaging can be recycled after it has been used.

Free samples

Best of all, did you know we offer free samples? We want to make sure you get the bags that work best for your business. Not sure which ones to order? Browse our selection and contact us with questions. We’re happy to be your resource for vinyl bags and help you select the perfect item to showcase your products.