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What does EN71 Compliance Mean?

The packaging offered by ABV Packaging is compliant with EN71, Prop65 and ASTM. While this sounds impressive, if you do not know what these regulations are for, the fact that the vinyl is compliant probably means very little. Does this affect the durability or safety of the product you are getting? Use this quick guide to help you better understand the benefit of our EN71 compliant vinyl bags.

What Is EN71?

 EN71 is a European safety standard typically associated with toys. There are a lot of standards that countries in the European Union must follow, but the EN71 series in particular covers the essential safety requirements for toys that are made or sold in much of Europe. This series of regulations has 13 parts, which cover a wide array of safety issues, including

  • Flammability
  • Toxicity
  • Olfactory
  • Age Warnings
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanics

Toys must undergo testing to make sure they meet the safety requirements. For example, the ingredients used in finger paint has been tested to ensure it tastes bitter to help stop children from eating the potentially toxic paint.

How Does This Affect Packaging?

 While EN71 may focus on toys, certain parts of the safety regulations also affect the packaging you use. For example, bags used to package toys must have a certain thickness depending on their size. Here at ABV Packaging, we are familiar with the strict guidelines set up by the European Committee for Standardization. We want to make sure you can use our products no matter what you are selling or where you are shipping it to, which is why we create EN71 compliant vinyl bags.

This regulation also affects packaging because it dictates the warnings that have to be on certain products. Because you can choose to customize our vinyl bags, you have the chance to include any warning your product may require.

Your packaging can say a lot about your product and your brand. Using EN71 compliant vinyl for your products may help improve your company’s reputation because it is safe and durable. Please contact us with any questions or to learn more.