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What is the new tariff impact on vinyl bags?

The new tariff impact on vinyl bags will likely mean an increase in pricing on future orders to cover the new tariff. However, our pricing has not yet been affected by the tariff and now is the time to stock up!

Existing stock will remain at our current pricing. That said, new shipments or custom orders placed since the newest tariff was made active on Friday, May 10th, may result in increased costs to cover the tariff.

What is a tariff?

The tariff acts like a tax on the business importing a given good. Importers must pay the 25% duty once their products reach the United States. The money is paid on delivery and goes to the US Treasury (Source:, which is then used for national programs and expenses.

Existing Stock

While the new tariff may have an impact on future orders, we have a wide range of existing stock available for our customers to choose from. We invite you to view our catalog for great styles and deals on vinyl bags for your products. View the catalog.

If you would like assistance selecting the right bags for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!