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We have received new stock of SZ and D7 vinyl bags!

SZ3 vinyl slider grip bagOur SZ2 and SZ3 Deluxe Clear Vinyl Front Load Zipper bags are some of our top sellers. The SZ2 bag is 6.5″ H X 8.5″ W X 1.5″ D and has 2 different trim color options. The SZ3 bag is 8″ H X 9″ W X 2.5″ D and also has 2 different trim color options. This is a great popular bag to showcase your products.

drawstring bagsWe have also received new stock of the D7 Deluxe Clear Vinyl Drawstring bag. We love this bag for its fun, carefree look. The bags are available with a black or white drawstring and black or white trim.

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