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You may be wondering what makes vinyl bags eco-friendly.

Sustainability has become an important part of the business world. Big and small companies alike try to find environmentally-friendly ways to conduct business. Companies can reduce their carbon footprint by using less electricity, incorporating green building materials and following safe manufacturing processes.

Additionally, packaging is one area in which companies can reduce their impact on the environment. If you are searching for an environmentally-friendly way to package your products, you should consider vinyl bags. This type of packaging is eco-friendly because of its reusability and manufacturing.


Some types of packaging are prone to getting thrown away after a single use. For example, plastic bags that hold candies are typically torn into and discarded after the treat is finished. When vinyl bags are used instead of a less durable material, customers have the opportunity to find new uses for their containers once they take your product out. Clear vinyl totes and pouches can be used as a purse for a high-security event, such as a concert or sporting event. This type of bag can even be used as a reusable grocery receptacle. In this case, reusability translates to keeping packaging out of landfills, which is extremely beneficial for the environment.


How a bag is made can also affect its eco-friendliness. Here at ABV Packaging, we strive to create durable products that can be used over and over again. That is why we use nylon or polyester trim, in-house zippers and compliant materials. Following stringent ASTM and EN71 guidelines ensures safe films are used on the bags, which can increase the likelihood that our packaging can be recycled after it has been used.

Going Green

Businesses can have a lot of motives for going green. No matter what your reasons are, vinyl packaging may be your company’s answer to making less of a negative impact on the environment. If you have questions about our eco-friendly products, be sure to reach out to our sales team.