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We are excited to announce the new “HB9” Security Bag coming by the end of this year!

The HB9 Security Bag will be based on the Handle Bag HB7, but in a smaller size of 9”H x 10”W x 3”D.

This bag is a great “fit all” option and is also great for stadium and special event security bags. As with all of our products, this line of webbed handle carry all vinyl bags are comprised of only the finest Super Clear EN71 prop certified films.

ABV Packaging uses Super Double Polished Clear films. Unlike our competition, we provide a stronger, thicker and durable 8 gauge film vs 6 gauge. This results in our packaging performing better, and lasting longer. It is also more wrinkle resistant than lesser grade film.

We also use top grade nylon binding for the trim coupled with our in house zippers to ensure lasting durability and value added appearance.

To learn more about the HB7 Security Bag that the new HB9 Security Bag will be modeled after, please visit the HB7 shop page.

We anticipate this will be a HOT seller.

Pre-order now: 800-457-2247