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About ABV Packaging

The Leader in Clear Vinyl Packaging and Vinyl Bags

ABV Packaging provides the best in stock and custom vinyl packaging. We carry up to 50 different styles and colors. If we do not have the packaging that suits your needs, we offer custom packaging tailored to your exact specifications.

When you choose ABV Packaging you are getting a top quality product which surpasses the competition. All our vinyl is EN71, ASTM prop certified or Phthalate Free. This vinyl is superior in quality and passes the standards for the European Toy Industry. Most companies charge extra and only make it on request. This is an ABV Packaging standard!

Others might claim to have the same bag, but our standards are impossible to beat. All of our vinyl is EN71 ASTM Prop65 compliant and our trim is top grade nylon, polyester or non woven. All of our bags are tripled packed, meaning they won’t come wrinkled and will stay clean all the way through the packaging process. Our competitors bulk pack their bags and rope them together in plastic. We poly bag between 10-25 bags, then place them in an inner box which is than placed in the master carton. Our products are truly the best you’ll find anywhere when it comes to quality & price.


The leader in clear vinyl packaging

From basic to elaborate designs, we can fabricate just about anything that can be either cut, sewn or welded in just about any material available. Our plant is located just outside Shenzhen China where we manage up to 1400 workers. Our strict policies make our factory requirements productive, safe and world friendly. We always welcome our clients visiting China to drop in and see how we are conducting business. We also have sample making facilities in Hong Kong and Dong Guan where are clients are also welcome.

Call for expert help in tailoring your vinyl packaging needs. We are here to assist you in “ringing the cash register”. We offer full service  distribution services in our 50,000 sf facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and our newest facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. From storing your goods to shipping them out, ABV Packaging is capable of handling all your needs.

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