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ABV Packaging knows that when it comes time for you to find vinyl packaging for your products, you have a lot of options.

While there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from, they may not all offer the same quality of bags. If you choose to work with us here at ABV Packaging, you will see numerous benefits, including:

  1. Compliant Materials: The vinyl we use is ASTM, EN71 and Prop65 compliant. In a nutshell, this means your bags will have proper labels, thickness and clearness to pass important safety standards.
  2. In-House Zippers: Zippers can be a weak point of many bags. For this reason, we choose to make our own, high-quality zippers for extreme durability.
  3. High-Quality Products: You likely expect your packaging to not only look good but also remain durable. We use a non-yellowing polyester, nylon or non woven trim on all of our stock products to ensure a long-lasting bag. We also have a standard three-to-six-stiches-per-inch production rule.
  4. Protection of Bags During Shipping: Because we want to make sure you can use the bags right away, we always triple pack our vinyl bags. We do this to keep your packaging clean and wrinkle free. When we pack our products, we avoid overpacking because this can also cause bags to come out wrinkled.
  5. Great Customer Service: Not only will you get high-quality products, but you can also rest easy knowing you have access to great customer service. We strive to send out timely samples, encourage customers to visit our factories in China and are available to answer questions by phone or email.
  6. Customizations: Here at ABV Packaging, we are well known for our stock bags, but that is not all we offer. You can also choose to customize packaging. When you take this route, you get to choose the size and material that best suits your needs.

It’s true we are not your only option for vinyl packaging. However, if you are searching for a high-quality product and standout customer service, ABV Packaging is your answer. Contact us today for assistance.